Scientific selection of masks


Experts said that in addition to providing effective protection, the wearing of masks must also take into account the comfort of the wearer, and can not bring adverse effects such as biological hazards. Generally speaking, the higher the protective performance of the mask, the greater the impact on the comfort performance. When people wear masks to inhale, they have some resistance to air flow. When inspiratory resistance is too large, some people will feel dizzy, chest tightness and other discomfort.

Different people have different industries and physiques, so they have different requirements for the sealing, protection, comfort, adaptability and other indicators of masks. Some special groups, such as children, the elderly, people with respiratory system diseases and cardiovascular diseases, should carefully select the type of mask, and avoid the occurrence of anoxia and dizziness and other accidents for a long time under the premise of ensuring safety protection.

Finally, it is suggested that no matter what type of mask is used, it should be properly handled after use to avoid becoming a new source of infection. At ordinary times, we should prepare more masks, replace them in time, and build the first line of defense for health protection. I wish you all good health!

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