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1. Customer satisfaction

To provide customers with product solutions is the reason for our existence; customer demand is the driving force for the development of industrial Zhuohui. We adhere to customer-oriented, continuous innovation, rapid response and more effective service for customers, which is the direction of our work and the yardstick of value evaluation. Customer satisfaction is the pursuit of industrial Zhuohui.

2. Hard work

We do not have any scarce resources to rely on, only hard work to win the respect and trust of customers. The struggle is embodied in any small activities to create value for customers, as well as the efforts to enrich and improve themselves in the process of labor preparation. We adhere to the principle of "the fighter" and make the fighter get a reasonable return.

3. Self criticism

The purpose of self-criticism is to make progress, to improve, not to deny. Only by adhering to self-criticism, can we listen to, develop, discard and continuously surpass others. Only in this way can we respect and cooperate with others more easily, and realize the common development of customers, companies, teams and individuals.

4. Open and enterprising

In order to better meet the needs of customers, we are aggressive, brave to explore, and adhere to openness and innovation. Any advanced technology, product, solution and business management can only produce value if it is transformed into commercial success. We adhere to customer demand orientation, and continue to innovate around customer demand.

5. Honest and trustworthy

Only when we are honest and sincere can we do what we say and keep our promises. Integrity is our most important intangible asset, in order to win customers with integrity.

6. Teamwork

To win is to raise a glass, to lose is to save. Teamwork is not only a cross-cultural group spirit of cooperation, but also a powerful guarantee to break the Department wall and improve the efficiency of the process.



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